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With PCM technology you love the cold or warmth from -15º to 85º C

Choose from the different temperature zones


PCM technology , the supplier for the storage of cold and heat.

The solutions of PCM Technology
PCM Technology specializes in making and packaging of PCM. We choose it as a base material salt. In our own factory in Ootmarsum we can develop a technical PCM to your liking , measuring, producing and packaging . Here you can specify how you want to receive the PCM process or as a liquid , as poeper , as granules or immediately ready packaged in one of our standard packages such as CSP panel or Bicell mats. But we can think along in a specialized custom solution tailored to your unique product and storage temperature.


How do you hold heat ?
The most known PCM material world is the vloeisof water. Depending on the (ambient ) water temperature has a number of aggregation states namely , solid, liquid and gas . As water passes from floor to solid ingot in the then changed the solid ice . In this fixed "ice" state , the heat stored from zero degrees Celsius . The stored heat "or cold " can be used of course to cool slightly at zero degrees . This technique of melting and solidification make technical phase change materials , also known as phase change materials , also used . Only technical PCM have a phase transition at a selected temperature . This allows us to melt materials and solidify at any temperature. Frequently applied PCM temperatures are , for example, +8 , +18 , +23 but also +35 degrees Celsius . And you will find its PCM again be found in a great many applications where products are to be kept at a certain temperature .

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