With PCM technology you love the cold or warmth from -15º to 85ºC

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PCM Technology , the supplier for the storage of cold and heat.

PCM Technology is since 2010 member of the RAL-Quality Assiocation PCM!!!

PCM Technology is since 2010 member of the RAL Quality Assiocation PCM, this Assiocation is founded for the coordination of measerements methods and certification of the PCM from the members, so there will only be good PCM solutions on the market from the members.

The solutions of PCM Technology
PCM Technology is specialized in making and packaging of PCM. The PCM's we produce are most based on salthydrates.  In our own factory in Ootmarsum we can develop a technical PCM at the meltingpoint you like. We can develop, measure it and then produce it for you. You can specify how you want to receive the PCM's as a liquid , as powder , as granulated or immediately ready packaged in one of our standard packages such as CSP panel or PCM Matten for floorheatingsystems. But we can think along in a specialized custommade solution tailored to your unique product and storage temperature.

How do you hold heat ?
The best known PCM material in the world is water. Depending on the (ambient ) water temperature has a number of aggregation states namely , solid, liquid and gas . As water passes the state from liquid to solid that gives a lot of energy. In this fixed "ice" state , the heat stored from zero degrees Celsius . The stored heat "or cold " can be used of course to cool slightly at zero degrees . The materials which are melting and solidification at a choosen temperature are technical phase change materials.  Only technical PCM have a phase transition at a selected temperature . This allows us to melt materials and solidify at any temperature we want. Frequently applied PCM temperatures are , for example, +8 , +18 , +23 and+35 degrees Celsius but also an melting temperature of the PCM lower then 0 degrees can help you with peakshaving in a cooling- or freezing equipment during a warm day. A lot of buildings, processes  or products are stable in temperature by using PCM of our factory. 



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