PCM-Datacooler;Cooling a datacenter with the energyconsumption of two light bulbs.

PCM-Datacooler extremely efficient in Energyconsumption.

Operational security and energy effeciency are getting more important as startingpoint in the design and management of datacenters. The best solution in this is a PCM-Datacooler in combination with free-air. During the day the coolequipment uses free-air and when the temperature goes to high the air will be cooled down by the PCM. This system is extremely energyefficient, energysaving on the coolenergy on the site of more than 90% and a PUE < 1,08 is normal for this system. We install these units in new datacentres but also rebuild existing ones. The maintenance of the site is very easy to do, only replacement of the airfilters and no refrigerants are neceassary. 

The impact on enviromental is much lower, and this system is scaleable, that means when the siteload must be higher you only have to add on more PCM.

The cooling of modern datacentres

PCM Technology has a lot of know-how in cooling small and bigger datacentres. For modern energysaving serverrooms the inlet temperature of the air is a little bit higher than normal (23-27 ̊C). This gives us the opportunity to use free-air.

  • Small: circa 5m2 floorsurface, 5 till 12 kW IT-Load
  • Bigger datacentres: 10 m2 till 100 m2 floorsurface; IT-Load 12-100 kW;
  • Large: starting at 100 m2 floorsurface; more than 100 kW IT-Load.

But of course we can make a design together with our partners to cool a large datacentre with our PCM solution.  

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