The history of Phase change materials

Water the most famous PCM!!!

A phase transition  or phase transformation in the thermodynamics is the transition from one phase of a substance to the other phase . The solidification of water to ice ( commonly referred as freezing) and the evaporation of water into water vapor are examples of phase transitions.

PCM's making use of the phase transitions: melt from solid to liquid and / or solidifying from liquid to solid .

An old physical principle

The oldest ice storage technology with which we are familiar from the period 1700 B.C. - 1000 B.C. , both in Syria and in the ice cellars in Crete food were refrigerated . This same principle was still in the majority of European castles used in the Middle Ages. Until around 1900 there was a patent for cooling buildings with a fan and ice wrapped in wood and straw , this was actually the first technical PCM cooling. After World War II it was technical PCM for the first time in "the Dover Sun House " . The real rise of the technical PCM in climate systems and in industry emerged in the 1990s and to the unknown future. PCM Technology in 2020 , the leading specialist in the field of PCM technology .

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