PCM Climatefloor the start to your  Zero Energy house

Unique cooperation with Riho

Deu cooperatiion your knowlegde and that from your partner will help you to find better solutions, that's why we are working with Riho Climate Systems. They are working for more then 30 years in the installationbusiness with there floorheating- and coolingsystems and also other systems for cooling and heating in houses and other buildings. The mission of Riho is to help the customer from the start of the project till the project is finished. Riho's vision is based on innvation, flexibility and quality. The installation of systems which can help the owner of the building increasing the energysavings and also the comfort in the buildings. That's the goal they have and untill now they stll succeed on that.

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PCM Climate Floor

De Crystal Climate Floor (C2F) is an innovative climate floor which takes care of the thermal comfort in the living zone of houses, but certainly also also possible in offices. Due the use of PCM is it possible to install a 50% smaller heatsource and a guaranteed energysaving. By using this unique floor the roomtemperature will stabalize at a comfortable level, and during summer it's also possible to use the floor as a coolingfloor because of the PCM without any other coolequipment. This system is easy to install and there for excellent useable for renovation. But for new buildings this is a unique opportunity to do more savings on the energy consumption. 

The benefits of PCM in your Floorheatingsystem

  • No gasinstallation needed;
  • 50% smaller heatpump;
  • using your own ;free energy from the sun
  • een total system aesy to install and 

The benefits of Riho:

  • The knowlegde of floorheating- and coolingsystems
  • Heatpump and PV-panels specialists
  • Experts in domotica systems
  • Own installation- and sevicemechnicals
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