Phase Change Materials , simple technology!!!

Store heat and release it,

PCMs are materials whose phase change from solid to liquid and v.v. , is used to store heat and give up . In PCM heat is stored for use at a later time . The usefulness of PCM in offices is that many with heat by people, computers , appliances and sunshine , the space will not increase rapidly in temperature , the heat is in fact first recorded by the PCM. The cooling effect is in the space . If it gets colder turn this process around and the PCM will relinquish the stored heat , the effect is warming . The result is always a " constant temperature " in the building. In the form as we apply them exist PCMs incombustible inorganic salts incorporated in CSP panels or PS stud plate (PCM Mat)  .

The thermal battery

Heat storage in PCMs can actually compare best with an electric battery or better as " thermal battery " . You can charge the battery with heat and this heat at a later moments discharged again . If you can achieve these cycles in a rhythm of day and night , you are effectively working with ephemeral , energy-saving heat An example is the indirect or direct storage of solar heat ; Indirect storage is via solar panels to an electric heat pump , direct storage in a buffer tank . With momentary heat we mean a cycle of day / days , at most a week . For seasonal long-term storage of heat , we currently have no solutions with a good price / performance ratio.

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