The practical application of PCM in construction , homes and data centers

For use in buildings

For the preservation and transformation of offices PCM materials are suitable . Office buildings that are still a "top" have refrigeration can be easily upgraded to full cooling. And PCM ensures then even preheating automatically to save energy. You can opt for example PCM induction units, which can be fitted into any ceiling system , or go one step further and choose a PCM ceiling system whereby you can customize further at once the look of the room. You might want to go a step further and consider you to take to PCM in the walls of the interior? It is also possible.


The sustainable housing

The Dutch house is becoming less energy . This is mainly due to the very good degree of insulation of the walls and the applied (HR ++ or better) glass . Most power is needed for making hot water , this particular HR boilers have eigelijk reached the end of their innovation . After all, would not it be nice if you are without gas and as much assible with their own solar energy can also heat your home ? With the combination of PCM in a floor heating system can heat the house with a very small capital "all electric" . The ability of a small electric heat pump is usually half the size of normal! The biggest advantage is that you can make these electric heat pump function in (your own ) green power. Here you can save energy, money , CO2 emissions and fight with you against the warming of the only planet we inhabit the Earth.

The advantages of PCM in offices:

  • Limited cooling is full cooling

  • You save energy on heating and cooling

  • You can transform the entire ceiling to your taste, hape and color

  • Implemented quickly and without disturbing your employees or tenants.


The advantages of PCM in heating :

  • No more gas necessary

  • A 50% smaller heat pump

  • Own green solar energy can be used to heat the home

  • A complete system ready anus returned .



For the cooling of (micro) data centers

The revolution of cooling with higher temperatures in data centers is unstoppable . The ever-improving IT hardware , data centers are cooled without problems 28 degrees Celsius . This allows the application of PCM has actually become obvious. Indeed, the PCM thermal battery can provide year-round constant temperature in the data center or the outside are hot or cold , the PCM material ensures optimum temperature for your IT equipment. And this we can with an unprecedented COP of up to 66 , after all, we only use energy-efficient EC fans for air movement on the PCM



Special applications
Heat is actually everywhere , you probably know the hand warmers in the winter . For example, very many processes use PCM materials for heat , just think of hot boxes for meals or keeping warm babies in an incubator , or transportation of organs and drugs. Without you knew you ever been near PCM heat . For these types of applications makes PCM Technology special PCM materials supplied as liquid , granules or processed into tablets. Do you have a desire for a customized package that we can help you . Each temperature is in principle possible, from -15 to +85 . degrees Celsius. Have a challenge in heat storage? Then we can help you.

The advantages of PCM data centers :

  • Free cooling when possible

  • ​1 plug and play device with a 230V plug
    EEA of 40-66 possible !!!

  • Suitable for small to medium data centers

  • Placed on site including architectural modifications


The advantages of PCM in special applications:

  • A 100% Dutch product
  • Years of experience with PCM materials
  • Own engineering who can think along with you
  • Large and small batches ( for pilots ) are possible
  • Thinking along with the packaging / wrapping
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