Bijzondere toepassen voor PCM

PCM and the incubator

PCM Technology produces also PCM’s for special concepts, because we have the know-how so we are capable to make custummade PCM excatly in the temperarure range where it has to do his job.   First we produce PCM for bed-bottles to keep  premature baby’s on the right bodytemperature  in an incubator or cradle. The bottle stays on a temperature of  42⁰C for at least 14 hours so the nurse has to change only two times a day. This saves time and money.  This is a product from one of our clients, if you want more information please contact us.

PCM and Conserve-technology

at the moment we are working on several types of PCM for our partners in the transportbusiness, every type is specific developed on the temperaturerange where the packed goods must be stored. These goods can be medical products but also flowers. even electronics are still more transported on temprature controlled conditions. 

The strenght of PCM Technology in these cases is the quick responce between custumor, the way of packaging and the total solution in the conserve technology.

For more information please contact us with questions or sugestions and we try to find the right solution for you, because we have the know-how. 

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