PCM-Energystorage, till 4 times more energystorage in the same size!!!!

Heat- and Coldstorage in PCM!!

It is still in the world the same problem, the supply and demand of energy is never in balance. When the sun is shining you don't need warm water and on the other hand it's always the same in the morning and evening if you want to take a shower there is no sun. What is on that point a good solution, take a heatstorage. This heatstrorage filled up with water can collect a limited amount of energy, when you would add PCM it's possible to store 4 times more energy. When your heatstorage is only filled with water the temperature will rise quickly, and on a moment there will be a balance between the collector and the heatstorage, so no energy can be stored any more. Becaues of the use of PCM the heatstorage-temparature stays on an equal level during the meltingtraject of the PCM and there comes still more energy in the heatstorage. That's the reason while you can store more energy in the same volume and that energy can still be used. 

PCM-Panels take care of a perfect heattransfer!!!

PCM-Panels in a thermal heatstorage have a lot of benefits in relation to the common balls filled with PCM. Because our PCM-Panels are pretty thin, the energy goes very fast in and out of the panels. The benefit in this is that there can be in a short time a lot of power taken out of the heatstorage. this will never be the case with balls, because they are thick, the PCM in the middle of the balls will not be used  or really slow, that's bad for the performence of the heatstorage. In theorie there is storage enough but in reallife it's not useable or very slow. 

Because of the way of install our panels in the heatstorage this can be made without  pressure in the storage, there are no inspections needed and the maintanance is very low. The flowprofile in the storage is perfect, we have during load and reload of the storage no temperaturedifference in the storage and all the PCM is used. 

Benefits of a storage with panels:

  • A lot of energy in a small volume.
  • A big heattransfersurface
  • A lot of power in a short time
  • The solution to quit with gas
  • To Harvest the Energy of the sun and use it.  
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