PCM creates a comfortable climate, the solution to an zero energy building.

PCM induction units

The PCM induction units zijn are made  to create quick and fast  a perfect climate for every office, it doesn't matter if it's rebuild or new. Because of the use of these units the temparture stabilizes more and it's getting closer to the biorhythmus of the people. The experience people have is that the climate in the room is more comfortable and pretty fresh.   

By installation of an induction unit in the ceiling you create a super comfortable climate without extra heating- or coolingequipment( you save money on that) or you dubbel the coolingcapacity of the existing installation, the maintenance is less and also the investments. A PCM induction unit fits in every suspended ceiling with the tile size of 600x600 mm.

PCM Climate Ceilings

PCM Climate Ceilings are unique because of the combination of a ceiling and a simple climatesystem. The choice of a PCM Climate Ceiling gives you also the opportunity for a special ceiling, color and design can be made. Also the perforation of the ceiling and the acoustic behavior can be optimized. The LED lights are also an option and even the air grilles.

The PCM Climate Ceiling must look great so you can give youre employees an area where they can give the best they can. Because of the Climate Ceiling the roomtemeprature will stabalize, the PCM takes care for the cooling and heating.

The standard ventilation system will be connected to the unit. The PCM has an self regulatory character, That means when the temperature goes up the PCM is cooling more and of course it works backwards. 

Because of the simple implementation these units are extremly useable for teh renovation of buildings.   We have our own installation engineers.

The PCM Climate Ceiling is  easy to install in an excisting ceiling, or for example as an Climate Island. 

Togheter with our own designers we can make a design  for the total interior  Which we can also install for you, so the benefits for you are getting even bigger and al your wishes come true.  

The benefits of PCM Induction units in offices:

  • Top Cooling becomes total cooling
  • Energysaving on cooling and heating;
  • An induction unit fits in every ceilingsystem size  600x600 mm
  • Quick installation without any trouble for your employees. 

The benefits of PCM Climate Ceilings in offices:

  • Top cooling becomes total cooling
  • Energysaving on cooling and heating
  • Total design of the ceiling on color and acoustic performence
  • Quick installation without any trouble for your employees
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